Disability Research Consortium
A cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration

In its work with the DRC, the Center for Studying Disability Policy and its partners will build the evidence base needed for policy changes to the disability support system. Our projects will produce information of immediate value to SSA, policymakers, and other stakeholders and pursue longer-term strategies designed to support successful policy reforms. Our efforts will be guided by the recognition that:

  • Policy innovations must have the potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities, reduce growth in public expenditures for their support, and increase the nation’s productivity and welfare;
  • Inefficiencies in our current support systems must be addressed;
  • Support must be better tailored to individuals’ characteristics and environment;
  • Efforts should be made to increase consumer control over the resources provided for in-kind support, which also requires greater consumer responsibility;
  • Key stakeholders must be engaged in the process; and
  • Major policy changes must take time if they are to be successful.