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Mathematica’s Center for Studying Disability Policy is now accepting applications for its DRC Dissertation Fellowship program. The fellowship provides a $28,000 stipend to doctoral students to support their dissertation research and will run for one year beginning in summer 2018. We’re seeking applications from graduate students across a range of disciplines whose research aligns with the DRC mission and who will not have other federal funding during the fellowship period.

Applications are due on June 25, 2018. Click here for more information about eligibility and the application process.

Week of April 16, 2018

In the News this Week

Douglas-Gabriel, Danielle. “Trump Administration Streamlining Student Debt Forgiveness for Permanently Disabled Veterans.” The Washington Post.

LaChance, David. “Program Helps Those with Disabilities Live Independently.” Associated Press.

Garcia, Eric. “Gregg Harper Hopes Disability Internship Program Expands After His Departure.” Roll Call.

Recent Articles

Bates, N., E. Callander, D. Lindsay, and K. Watt. “Labour Force Participation and the Cost of Lost Productivity due to Cancer in Australia.” BMC Public Health, vol. 18, no. 375, 2018, online only.

Borjas, George J., and David J.G. Slusky. “Health, Employment, and Disability: Implications from the Undocumented Population.” NBER Working Paper No. 24504. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research, April 2018.

Collins, Ginger, and Julie A. Wolter. “Facilitating Postsecondary Transition and Promoting Academic Success Through Language/Literacy-Based Self-Determination Strategies.” Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, vol. 49, no. 4, 2018, pp. 176–188.

Davis, L.L., T.C. Kyriakides, A.M. Suris, L.A. Ottomanelli, L. Mueller, P.E. Parker, S.G. Resnick, R. Toscano, A.A. Scrymgeour, and R.E. Drake. “Effect of Evidence-Based Supported Employment vs Transitional Work on Achieving Steady Work Among Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial.” JAMA Psychiatry, vol. 75, no. 4, 2018, pp. 316–324.

Krnjacki, Lauren, Naomi Priest, Zoe Aitken, Eric Emerson, Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Tania King, and Anne Kavanagh. “Disability-Based Discrimination and Health: Findings from an Australian-Based Population Study.” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, vol. 42, no. 2, 2018, pp. 172–174.

Laires, Pedro A., Helena Canhão, Ana M. Rodrigues, Mónica Eusébio, Miguel Gouveia, and Jaime C. Branco. “The Impact of Osteoarthritis on Early Exit from Work: Results from a Population-Based Study.” BMC Public Health, vol. 18, no. 472, 2018, online only.

Mactaggart, Islay, Lena M. Banks, Hannah Kuper, G.V.S. Murthy, Jayanthi Sagar, Joseph Oye, and Sarah Polack. “Livelihood Opportunities Amongst Adults With and Without Disabilities in Cameroon and India: A Case Control Study.” PLoS ONE, vol. 13, no. 4, 2018, online only.

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Mulhall, Peter, Laurence Taggart, Vivien Coates, Toni McAloon, and Angela Hassiotis. “A Systematic Review of the Methodological and Practical Challenges of Undertaking Randomised-Controlled Trials with Cognitive Disability Populations.” Social Science & Medicine, vol. 200, 2018, pp. 114–128.

Schofield, Timothy P., Kim M. Kiely, Arnstein Mykletun, Samuel B. Harvey, and Peter Butterworth. “Using Longitudinal Survey Data to Estimate Mental Health Related Transitions to a Disability Pension: Analysis of an Australian Household Panel Study.” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, vol. 60, no. 4, 2018, pp. e166–e172.

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Vlachou, A., and I. Papananou. “Experiences and Perspectives of Greek Higher Education Students with Disabilities.” Educational Research, 2018, online ahead of print.