Disability Research Seminar Series: The Employment Effects of Terminating Disability Benefits

Jun 24, 2014 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Presenter: Timothy Moore, Department of Economics, George Washington University, and Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

While time out of work normally decreases subsequent employment, Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) may improve the health of disabled individuals and increase their ability to work. In this paper, Dr. Moore examined the employment of individuals who lost DI eligibility after the 1996 removal of drug and alcohol addictions as qualifying conditions. The working paper for this research can be found here.

About the Series

Mathematica’s Center for Studying Disability Policy series of web-based seminars about new disability policy research are intended for researchers with advanced degrees in the social sciences and graduate students seeking such degrees. The series features presentations from nationally recognized disability researchers in academia, the government, and think tanks. These seminars are an opportunity to learn about the latest high quality research on disability policy issues before it is published. These real-time, interactive events also provide opportunities for disability researchers to engage with their peers.

The seminar series is sponsored by the Social Security Administration through its Disability Research Consortium co-operative agreement with Mathematica.

For more information, please contact disabilityforums@mathematica-mpr.com.



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