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The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) has a strong interest in advancing policies and programs that promote positive stay-at-work/return-to-work (SAW/RTW) outcomes for workers who experience an injury or illness that challenges their ability to work. Building on progress made in the previous two years, in its third year, the SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative will establish three new policy work groups, each assigned to identify, develop, and share actionable policy steps on an SAW/RTW-related topic. It will also conduct outreach to raise awareness about cross-cutting SAW/RTW issues among critical stakeholder groups, and disseminate actionable policy recommendations to inform policy decisions at the state and federal level.

2016 SAW/RTW Policy Work Group

Behavioral Interventions to Promote Job Retention after Injury or Illness

Policy Brief           Report           

Steps States Can Take to Help Workers Keep Their Jobs after Injury, Illness, or Disability

Policy Brief           Report           Infographic Map

Helping Workers Who Develop Medical Problems Stay Employed: Expanding Washington’s COHE Program Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Policy Brief          Report        


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Ben-Shalom, Yonatan. "Let’s Help Americans Keep Their Jobs After Injury, Illness." The Hill, October 26, 2015, Congress Blog.

Christian, Jennifer, and Yonatan Ben-Shalom. "Why We Need Stronger Public Efforts to Prevent Work Disability" Disability Blog, September 12, 2016.

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