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Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Collaborative

Policymakers can use recommendations as a guide to develop effective programs.

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Helping Ill or Injured Workers

A forum on October 22 will discuss policy recommendations to help workers keep their jobs if they have a potentially career-ending medical condition.

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Employment Supports and Social Security Disability Benefits

New working paper proposes to modernize the gateway to the SSDI program.

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Young SSDI Awardees

New article looks at characteristics and 5-year employment outcomes.

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DRC Annual Meeting

This August 5-6 conference in Washington, DC, highlighted the latest research for state and federal disability policies and programs. 

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Experiences Vary Substantially by Individual Characteristics

Factors beyond disabilities may be key.

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A cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration
Disability Research Consortium

A partnership with three universities builds the evidence base necessary to facilitate policy improvements in the national disability support system.

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